Monday, July 4, 2011

My New Found Happiness

I must say I have been rather slack on my blogs and need to get back to at least one a week, but woke up feeling really positive and happy and had an energy which I havent felt in a while and thought wow, life really is all about what YOU make it. So my goal for the remainder of this year is not to just have a positive attitude but to view the world in a positive light and realise that how you see the world is exactly what it gives to you. There is more to this then just saying "I am going to be positive", you must change your whole way of thinking and your whole approach to life itself and then one might see just how positivity can be embraced and how you can turn the bad things into something good. It isnt that easy you might say? And I thought it wasnt either, until I realised that how you react to things, how you speak and carry yourself determines your overall mood. Speaking nicely to others, not reacting to negativity and looking above the difficulties in life, is not being unrealistic, it is merely choosing to be optimistic as opposed to seeing the negative in the things around us and others. Something I am definately going to try and embrace more :)