Monday, August 22, 2011

What is "Beautiful"?

Society seems too hell bent these days on the ideology of the "perfect body". But my question is, what is the healthy body? Is it the body that can fit into a size 5 and look toned, thin and embody a firm skinned face with no blemishes or wrinkles? Is the perfect body one that is ripped with muscles beyond belief or is the perfect body, the more full figured person with more cushion? The answer is, no one really knows what the perfect body is. Everyone is different and unique. The media portray to us what they believe the perfect body is, as those same people also embody wealth and style. They are seen on magazines and television and therefore are epitomized to be the perfect person leading the perfectly healthy life. But you see.....there is no real answer to what the perfect being is because no one is perfect and everyone has imperfections.

It is those people who are able to embrace their imperfections and work on adopting a healthy and happy lifestyle for themselves that not only get closer to their ideal weight but also look much happier and their whole outlook on life is altered. It is important for individuals especially young women to not focus on what society would like them to be or what society classifies as beauty but to be happy with themselves and work on creating a healthy exercise and diet plan for themselves. If they are healthy and happy then there is no reason why they cannot be considered beautiful within society. After all, to be beautiful is to be healthy and happy. That is what needs to be promoted to the youth of today and embraced wholeheartedly. If you know someone struggling with their weight, their weight loss goals or any other area regarding their overall well being, instead of criticizing or merely telling them to "lose weight", be an advocate, set an example and work hard along side them. Motivate them and encourage them daily to change their lifestyle for the betterment of their health not the betterment of society. Practicing what one preaches not only frees you from hypocrisy but also promotes healthy growth and success.

Stay beautiful!

Monday, July 4, 2011

My New Found Happiness

I must say I have been rather slack on my blogs and need to get back to at least one a week, but woke up feeling really positive and happy and had an energy which I havent felt in a while and thought wow, life really is all about what YOU make it. So my goal for the remainder of this year is not to just have a positive attitude but to view the world in a positive light and realise that how you see the world is exactly what it gives to you. There is more to this then just saying "I am going to be positive", you must change your whole way of thinking and your whole approach to life itself and then one might see just how positivity can be embraced and how you can turn the bad things into something good. It isnt that easy you might say? And I thought it wasnt either, until I realised that how you react to things, how you speak and carry yourself determines your overall mood. Speaking nicely to others, not reacting to negativity and looking above the difficulties in life, is not being unrealistic, it is merely choosing to be optimistic as opposed to seeing the negative in the things around us and others. Something I am definately going to try and embrace more :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Black Faces, White Masks

Reflections, observations and conversations with others have all provided me with the primary and secondary information to make a logical analysis on human psyche in the world of an African American. Right? No wrong. No one person can make an analysis or believe they can make a factual judgement on the behavior and psyche of African Americans in the Western World. Although some think they are capable of doing so.

After undergoing research on the history of slavery, the times of Africa in the early years and the current situations that America faces including discrimination and racism, the current psyche, mentality and behavior of African Americans in a Western World can relate as far back in history as slavery and the treatment of these people during this time. It may even scale to the oppression of the African Americans and the racism incurred in the times of the 1960's. However, whatever the case the current mindset and mentality of African Americans today is rather evident of the pain incurred for years and years and it seems generations and generations.

From the constant oppression and years of racism and discrimination it appears that the average African American person is expected to believe that they are not equal with those who are Caucasian and therefore act upon it accordingly. Not only are they more susceptible to being considered irrational, inappropriate or incapable, they do not try to prove themselves otherwise with their ACTIONS. In relation to their words and their thoughts they are more than capable of constantly proving how great they are, the success they are headed for and how much of an individual they are. However alot of the time this is never realised because they do not take the appropriate actions to do so. They then insist on blaming it on the system and how opportunity has not made a way for them. Although this may not seem right and yes the system is not always innocent, it is the constant oppression, discrimination and racism over the years that have created this mentality and the internal belief that they may not make anything of themselves.

Stemming from this internal insecurity comes the inevitable come back of attempting to assure the world of the big and wonderful things that they are doing, how they are going to be at the top soon and how exciting and grand their lives are and how everyone wants to be like them. Reading between the lines and looking closely into the theory stemming from slavery, this is merely a cover up for the insecurities felt and the lack of drive to be proactive enough to make their dreams happen rather than talking about them.

The strength of African Americans is remarkable. However, they are yet to realise their true potential, strength and abilities to be the greatest people of all time. They are different, beautiful, creative and exciting individuals and together a race that can clearly change the world for the better. Overcoming the past generations' beliefs and understandings of life and simply following their own dreams and believe in what they want to make of themselves is what needs to be done.

In order to change a mindset and individual people, it begins with ones' self. Let go of the insecurities, stop trying to prove yourself to others or make a point, work hard for yourself, to better yourself and always look at the positives of your life rather than comparing yourself to others. You will be more successful than you realise. There are no short cuts or no excuses to hard work. It begins with yourself and ends with yourself. Dont let others define you, define yourself.